About Us

In April 2008, Master Imports Comércio e Representação de Bebidas Ltda started its activities by bringing and distributing to Brazil the German spirit of global success, Jägermeister. We have built Jägermeister brand from scratch to 20 thousand 9 liter cases in Brazil within six years only. Within a short period of time, we made Brazil the third largest Jägermeister market in the America’s, after USA and Canada, respectively.

Ever since, we are always following the Brazilian liquor-market consumption trends and always adapting our brand portfolio and services in order to cater best to our clients and consumers at a national level.

In 2018, we have a diversified listing of brands, both national and imported, ranging from Sierra Tequila – Europe’s best selling tequila - to energy drinks, the Danish RTD Mokaï, the Brazilian liqueur of German recipe Leben Likor and national wines from the Rio Grande do Sul region, which is renowned for the quality of its produce.

From its beginning, Master Imports has registered constant growth thanks to our business model, agile, dynamic and efficient, being always aware to the needs of our business partners and the consumer market.

Foreign Brands: Sierra Tequila and Mokaï
National Brands: Leben Likor, Wild Cat, 1835, Casa Di Montagna, Per Amare, Tenerazza.